canophilia /kan-ō-filˈi-ə/ or cynophilia /sin- or sīn-/ noun
Love of dogs
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Main Entry:canophilist

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  • cynophilia — noun /ˌkaɪnə(ʊ)ˈfɪlɪə/ A fondness for dogs or other canines. See Also: cynophile, cynophobia …   Wiktionary

  • cynophile — noun A person who loves canines; a dog lover. See Also: cynophilia …   Wiktionary

  • cynophobia — noun An irrational fear or hatred of dogs or other canines. This finding has significant implications for the study of cynophobia, since one would expect from the classical conditioning model of fear that a dog bite should have a lasting negative …   Wiktionary

  • canophilia — /kan ō filˈi ə/ or cynophilia /sin or sīn / noun Love of dogs • • • Main Entry: ↑canophilist …   Useful english dictionary

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